Congratulations! You’re probably looking at this page because you’ve recently had a baby.

One of the most profound moments in life is having a baby, and many people want to give thanks to God for the birth of their child. Many people are overwhelmed at the wonder of bringing a new life into the world, find it a very spiritual experience, and quite rightly think of God and explore faith at this time.

A baptism (often called a Christening) is the start of an amazing journey of faith. It’s an opportunity to publicly declare your faith, and begin your walk with Jesus. We love to have individuals and families come to us for baptism. If you want to be baptised, we’d love to meet with you, get to know you, and help plan your special day. The best way to start the process is to come along to church and speak to a member of the clergy after the service, they would be thrilled to help you think more about baptism. We baptise people of all ages, and sometimes in family groups together.