Safeguarding Polices

 Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding of Adults

Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding of Children and Young People

To read the Church of England’s policies ‘Promoting a Safe Church’ and ‘protecting all God’s Children’click here  or to read the Diocese of Lincoln’s Statement of Safeguarding principles click here . 

Flowchart- What to do if a disclosure is made or you have a concern

This guidance covers both children and adults should you suspect a child or adult is at risk of abuse or is being abused, or receive a disclosure of abuse or safeguarding risk

Adult Flowchart

Child Flowchart

Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy – General Arrangements 2023

Health and Safety Annual Review 2022

Buildings Use Policy

Buildings Use Policy

Data Privacy Notice

Data Privacy Notice 

Risk Assessments

Risk Asessment Guidance for School Visits to the main Church Building 2021

Risk Asessment for Pastoral Care, Fresh Hope and CAP Sessions – 1 Cheyne Lane 2022

Risk Asessement for Children’s, Families, and Youth Sessions- 1 Cheyne Lane 2022

Risk Asessment for Kid’s Church Travel to 1 Cheyne Lane from Church 2022

Risk Asessment for Church services and events 2022

Risk Asessment for children’s, families, and youth sessions in the Church building 2022

Risk Asessment for The Hub, 27-29 St George’s Street 2022

Risk Asessment for The SHEP Project ( the Collection, delivery and storage, of furniture and white goods) 2022

Risk Asessment for EDGE Youth Football Club 2022

Note 1:Additional documentation
referenced in these risk assessments can be obtained from The Hub.

Note 2: Additional risk assessments
shall be completed for each extra on and off site activity not covered by
these assessments.