You are Welcome…

Firstly, ‘new to church’ is not new to us. We welcome new people almost every week to church, and hope that when you arrive you will feel instantly at home. After all, this is your church as much as it is anyone else’s. Relax, enjoy, make yourself known to one of the people leading the service.

We are a church where Jesus is at the centre, the Bible is our guide, and people matter. We are also a Resource Church, so we help other churches to grow, and flourish.

By God’s grace, we are a growing church of about 500 people, and sometimes newcomers can feel lost, so here are three top tips:


Every person in our church was new once. We remember what it was like, so don’t panic, just relax. Join in if you want, sit and watch if you want, nobody will be looking at you.


There are people who are in church to welcome you as you enter church. They are there to answer any questions you might have and to introduce you to others. Ask them anything, they’ll be thrilled to meet you. Anyone who leads the services, or preaches the sermon will be pleased to meet you after the service. Likewise, people sat near you will be friendly and help you feel at home. Every few months we have a special Newcomers’ Tea to make sure new people are feeling connected with the church; you will get an invitation to one of these after you have introduced yourself. You can even introduce yourself now via our contact form.


We have a huge amount of different activities running throughout the week. Search around this website to get a glimpse of all that goes on. We offer groups for ages 0-100+. These groups range from helping people who don’t know what they believe through to mature Christians who have been in church for years. Our church office is here for you if you have any questions.

We love to welcome newcomers to St George’s Church and we hope you will feel really at home with us very quickly.

If you are new to the Christian faith, to learn more, try one of our Alpha Courses. If you want to deepen your faith, join one of our small groups or sign up to our church family emails via Church Suite.

You are always welcome here, and we would love to meet you.