St George’s gives 10% of the previous year’s unrestricted funds to support the work of mission partners across the world. As a church we have strong links with Uganda and most of our partners have a personal link to St George’s and Stamford.
Howard & Janet

Howard and Janet have worked among North Africans since 1985, and have been linked with St George’s since then. They currently have several roles, seeking to speak and demonstrate the love of Christ and to support both national and foreign Christians.

Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda

Kisiizi Hospital is a Church of Uganda hospital in South-West Uganda serving the needs of the poor. It supports a School of Nursing and a school for children aged 4 to 15 years. We have supported Kisiizi Hospital since about 1980.

Church Representative: Liz Power

Sam & Vicky Ngorok at Karamoja Diocese, Uganda

Sam Ngorok is the Education Secretary for the Diocese of Karamoja. We have supported his ministry and family since 1996 when he planted a church under a tree in Iriiri. He has multiplied congregations in rural areas ever since and longs to see schools established across Karamoja where 87% of people have not been to primary school.


Church Representative: Martyn Taylor

Pete & Carol working with Catalyst Network in Turkey

Church Representative: Pauline Ellis

Andy & Naomi

Andy & Naomi are in Sheffield.

Church Representative: Lesley

Raymond Bukenya

Raymond is the leader of Ebenezer Chapel in Kampala (Church of Uganda) and works in apologetics with students and young people in Uganda and across Africa. He has served as a missionary in the Karamoja region of Uganda.

Tearfund is our go to relief organisation when disaster strikes around the world. GiG reserves some of our budget for disaster relief each year. We also support Tearfund as a partner with regular gifts and an offering at either Harvest or Christmas. Our support is targeted to their work in Karamoja where we also partner with Sam and Vicky Ngorok.