St George’s gives 10% of the previous year’s unrestricted funds to support the work of mission partners across the world. As a church we have strong links with Uganda and most of our partners have a personal link to St George’s and Stamford.
Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda

Kisiizi Hospital is a Church of Uganda hospital in South-West Uganda serving the needs of the poor. It supports a School of Nursing and a school for children aged 4 to 15 years. We have supported Kisiizi Hospital since about 1980.

Church Representative: Liz Power

Pete & Carol working with Catalyst Network in Turkey

Church Representative: Pauline Ellis

Andy & Naomi

Andy & Naomi are in Sheffield.

Church Representative: Lesley

Tearfund is our go to relief organisation when disaster strikes around the world. GiG reserves some of our budget for disaster relief each year. We also support Tearfund as a partner with regular gifts and an offering at either Harvest or Christmas. Our support is targeted to their work in Karamoja where we also partner with Sam and Vicky Ngorok.