Mission Partners News

May 2019

Howard and Janet Jones

  • Our next trip to Morocco, 18 May – 19 June
  • During that time, visits to teams up and down the country – wisdom in discussions, safety in travel
  • The team leaders’ meeting we’ll be hosting in our town, 7-9 June.  It’s a growing group – pray for God’s direction and a sense of excitement and deepening fellowship as we share, pray and plan together.  (Howard will be leading the meetings – Janet will be leading the catering )
  • Our local believing friends whose home is a growing church – they face many challenges, but are passionate for God. Pray that we know how best to stand with them.
  • Back in London, Janet’s been reconnecting with various Muslim friends from the past… We and our colleagues in London long for a breakthrough in their lives: pray for eyes to be opened to see Jesus as so much more than a prophet – as Saviour.
  • Muslims during the month of Ramadan – fasting by day from 6 May to 4 June.  That as they seek to find favour with God, they might encounter the living Jesus.


Kisiizi Hospital

  • Give thanks for the team from Peterborough Hospital who have just been out to work at Kisiizi and for the new orthopaedic drill which was purchased and travelled out with them.
  • Pray for all the Chilli children and their families who have benefitted from life changing surgery on their limbs over this last week.
  • Pray for our own Liz and Mo Power who are taking another team out from Kettering Hospital this summer to continue the Chilli Children work and share in the Christian witness of Kisiizi.


Raymond Bukenya

  • That Raymond will know the love God that surpasses knowledge and the hope of Jesus that has defeated death as he grieves the loss of his young wife Brenda. That he would know the Lord’s provision for him and his three children at this time (6, 4, and 10 months). Brenda’s funeral happened on Monday 29th


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