Mission Partners News

December 2018

  • For Ian and Lis as they move to Holy Trinity Boston for their first Christmas.
  • Steve and Doreen as they move to Bourne as the new centre of the BMO.
  • The Bretts sharing Jesus in Istanbul.
  • The Ws* moving to Sheffield to share Jesus with Pakistani Muslims as a part of a local Anglican church in partnership with Pioneers.
  • Howard and Janet Jones leading mission and ministry in Morroco and Tunisia.
  • The Sextons working with refugees and asylum seekers in Norwich through English Plus and Bible study.
  • Samuel and Vicky Ngorok working for the Diocese of South Karamoja, UGANDA. For God’s provision and leading in the ministry. Tearfund and our local partnership in the Karamoja to enable community transformation through the development of local resources lead by the local church.Kisiizi Hospital Uganda to shine like a city on a hill as they offer life in all its fullness to the wider area and all patients.

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