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October 2019

July 2019

Raymond Bukenya

  • For Raymond to find find peace and rest (even physically) and that his planned trip to the UK will bring this.
  • For child care. Pray for Anna, the new Nanny to help keep and watch the children, especially little Isabel. Pray that the children will all connect well with her.
  • Pray for strength through the Journey of Grief and that Raymond is able to help Janice, Nathan and Isabel as they also get grieve in their little ways.  They all miss Brenda so much!
  • Thank God that, though we’ve had some health challenges, the children are generally well and fine. Pray for strengthened immunity for Isabel as she now crawls and eats anything she can get hold of!
  •  Pray Brenda’s family. That they will find peace in God beyond Brenda’s death. Also that they will seek to unite beyond their misunderstandings around Brenda. That was Brenda’s main cry and desire.
  •  Pray for the Ebenezer Chapel. For the time that Raymond will be away, that they will continue to look at Christ. And that the Priest covering for me will be used of God in this season as we think about Stewardship.

Samuel Ngoroks

  • Give thanks for 22 years of ordained ministry, and before that 10 years as a Lay reader in church.
  • Thanks for God’s leading and Samuel’s transfer a year ago to one of the biggest town in the whole region of Moroto district, and the promotion as a Diocesan education coordinator as well as a sub dean assisting a bishop who is a dean of the cathedral.
  • Pray for the people he is pastoring especially the ORPHANS; very many not in school. Pray he can help them get funding for education, particularly in primary school
  • For People with HIV Aids – many people have been infected due to lack of knowledge and due to poverty they are facing in this rural areas; for possibilities to start a small training scheme on awareness of prevention and counselling
  • For opportunities for Evangelism and Church planting in the rural areas, reaching out to the lost.
  • For a permanent home for his family including his children
  • For transport to enable his work coordinating education in five districts

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