July 2017

July 2017 Talks

Below is a list of this month’s talks, click to listen or right click/Save As… to download to your device or to access the talk archive  click here.

Morning Services

Origins – Genesis 1-3

2nd AM – All Age: In the beginning – Martyn Taylor – Not recorded

9th AM – In the Beginning was the Word – Lis Ward

16th AM – Perfect! – Lawrence Davie

23rd AM – In God’s Image – Lis Ward

30th AM – All Age: Take a break! – Sarah Bird

Evening Services

The Truth of the Gospel: Galatians

2nd – Biblical Truth – Howard Jones

9th PM – Experiential Truth – Sarah Bird

16th PM – Applied Truth – Liz Fell

23rd PM – Humble Truth – Brian Gordon

Summer Psalms

30th PM – Has God Forgotten? – Lawrence Davie

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